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A variety of home healthcare services customized for our clients' needs
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Professional Home Health Care 2 provides a comprehensive range of home health care services which can be customized to meet the needs of our clients and their families. We offer:

  • Skilled Nursing
    Licensed nurses render quality skilled nursing services for the treatment and rehabilitation of our clients.
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  • Physical Therapy/OT
    We have trained and licensed physical and occupational therapists who will evaluate and treat physical dysfunctions due to injuries, disabilities, illnesses or old age and address their impact on everyday living.
  • Medication Management
    Our staff will help you manage your medications well, ensuring a safe and effective drug therapy and improving your medication compliance for better health.
  • Education for both PT/Aide
    We provide education for physical therapists and physical therapy aides for them to better serve patients.
  • Wound Care
    Our clients receive proper wound care from licensed, trained and competent nurses and healthcare professionals, helping promote healing and prevent infections.
  • Homemaker/ Light housekeeping
    For our clients to stay healthy and safe at home, we help them keep their living environment safe and organized. We offer assistance to them in completing household chores when they have difficulties doing so due to old age, disability, illness or injury.
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  • Personal Care
    When our clients are unable to care for themselves primarily on personal care activities such as grooming, dressing and bathing, we give them the right amount of assistance to help them out while maintaining a certain level of independence they desire.
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  • MRDD-Level 1 & I/O Waiver
    We accept this type of waiver to help pay for the home healthcare services that you or your loved one will take advantage of from us.
  • Companionship
    We believe that our clients’ emotional and mental health is essential in their overall wellness. We offer companionship to maintain your good social skills as well as provide assistance whenever necessary.
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  • Multi-Lingual Interpreters
    Our staff has multi-lingual interpreters to effectively communicate with you about your needs. We speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Somali, and Swahili.
  • Passport
    Passport is also accepted as a mode of payment for our services.

Professional Home Health Care 2 has earned its accreditation with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care Inc. This enables us to render quality services that you can trust right at home.

If you wish to further inquire about our care, please call 614-268-8480.

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